Addition of masterbatch


Useing right adding ratio to  achieve desired color effecting. the surface  no stripes and spots. The following is a reference ratio series.
a,1:100   Users believe that the more economical, but it is best not to use, such as mixing well, it is prone to uneven dispersion of the phenomenon of paint.
b,1:50    For ordinary plastic products, more PE, PP Color Masterbatch
c,1:33-1:25  Used in ABS plastic.  
d,1:20 For high-grade plastic products, including polyolefin, ABS, and widely used in injection molding, blow molding, spinning and other processes
e,<1:20, Generally used for advanced cosmetics container coloring or more for small models of injection molding machine, which is better in order to better uniform mixing, to avoid color, so a higher proportion.

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